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The Nintendo DS is the fastest selling video game system ever. It's the most innovative hardware in gaming (except for maybe the Wii) and the most innovative hardware in portable gaming since the first GameBoy. One of the great innovations available in the Nintendo DS is its ability to allow several people (up to 16, depending on the game) to play a game wirelessly without requiring each person to buy their own copy of the game: Single-Card Download. Only one person needs to have the game loaded; the rest just need their Nintendo DS (for more details on the feature, click here).

With this site, I intend to give detailed lists, reviews, instructions, hints, codes, walkthroughs, and cheats for the Single-Card Download features of Nintendo DS games. The intent is to post a complete game profile once per week, assuming the money is there (to help, click here). In any case, the site is now open, so go forth and enjoy! If you ever have any ideas, contact the site!

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So, without further ado, welcome... to DSSingleCard.com!

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